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Studio Player not showing up as a VST instrument in Logic Pro X

using the latest beta of studio player. it works find on its own, but doesn't appear in the list of AU Instruments in Logic Pro X. Cypher 2 and Equator both appear in the list and work fine being controlled through logic.

Hi Evan, have you tried quitting Logic and restarting your machine? This should allow Logic to rescan the AU cache successfully and allow RSP to appear as an AU within Logic. Please let us know if this is not the case.

Hi thanks for your response, I restarted but still no luck. But good news! i opened the "plugin manager" in logic; filtered by "roli" and noticed that the studio player had a compatibility message "couldn't be opened"


i chose the button "reset and rescan selection" and it seems to have repaired itself. All is well!

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