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First Impressions and Enquiries

Hello there

I am using Studio Player as a standalone and as an inbox plug-in and so far everything works out fine.

Easy to read and simple  interface, I like the bottom right popups and the idea of having all the softwares packed up.

The smart chords and the appreciator sector are already very welcomed, they are very clever designed and are making the "production" part  really easy and fast.

The only problems I've encountered so far is that sometimes on the smart chords when playing fast the interface will not transpose right ,or even transpose at all (but it plays the assigned chords correct )


These things said, there is no way I will end up replacing the original versions of the softwares if I cannot make and save new presets.

I also found fundamental that every automation and tweaking is happening on each preset on the new sectors can be saved and recalled for that specific preset exclusive. This has been mentioned before in other topics, I just think it is really important to happen that is why I also bring it up.

ps : NOTHING is recalled on shutdown so far

Conclusion : great start for beta, if some things work out it can be a really useful and therefore valuable software

Thanks for the feedback Leonidas. We'll investigate the issue you're encountering with Smart Chords, and would appreciate any further information you have, such as a video or particular presets that this affects.

ROLI Studio Player, as with the previous Player versions of Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2, are not necessarily designed to replace the full versions of these products, but offer an easy to navigate option for browsing sounds, with some added tweak-a-bility via macro controls.

We'll look into recalling after shutdown - just to clarify, are you referring to shutting down the ROLI Studio Player application, or your computer as a whole?

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Thanks for the fast reply and sorry for the delayed response.

The smart chord is not that much of an issue , since it's nothing more than a lag on the response on the interface and it could be due to my graphic card. 

Also it is not happening on specific presets, but pretty much everyone of them when I play on a faster tempo.

I will record everything next time I use it and I will send you a video  in two three days period max.

I understand that Studio Player is not meant to replace those softwares but rather work as a navigator ,I wouldn't want them replaced either, they are my favourite and most used softwares! 

What I really believe is that if ROLI Studio Player implement some  more characteristics on its customisation and automation options and if it could be on total sync with the other three softwares, it would be a most useful - must have product for Roli users .

About recalling after shutdown I am referring on shutting down my ROLI Studio Player application.

I don't know  if this has anything to do with my current MacOS Version 

I am adding some of my system's characteristics in case is of any help

MacOS Mojave 10.14.2

3,4 GHz i7 / 16GB RAM / Graphics Radeon Pro 560

DAW : Reaper 5.973

AI : Focusrite scarlet 2i4 2nd gen

Thanks again for the reply, soon back to you with the videos

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