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v0.1.0 Requested features - check here before posting!

Thank you all so much for your valuable and creative feedback for ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0. 

Below you'll find a list of everything we've got logged so far (if you don't see your feature, please bear with us as we go through your posts to make sure everything is logged). Whilst we can't guarantee that everything on this list will be included in future updates of ROLI Studio Player, we very much appreciate your feedback and hope to introduce as many of these as possible.

If you can't see the feature you want to see introduced in ROLI Studio Player below, please let us know by opening a new topic!

ROLI Studio Player v0.1.0 requested features:

  • Windows support
  • More soundpacks
  • Hardware integration/BLOCKS control of ROLI Studio Player
  • AAX support
  • RISE preset button switching
  • MIDI-mappable interface
  • "Favourites" syncing across Player and Full
  • Preset playlists
  • Launching of full engines
  • Custom preset support
  • iPad/iOS/NOISE integration
  • Global volume and Pan dials
  • Ability to modulate Amp and Pan
  • Drop-down Arpeggiator settings
  • Reset Smart Chords, Arpeggiator and Audio Effects which switching preset
  • Multi-channel support
  • Clearer separation of the four XY pads
  • RISE fader LEDs to update with onscreen fader positions
  • Split point for Smart Chords
  • MPE pitch bending of notes between Smart Chords
  • Horizontal scroll to access soundpacks
  • Improved chord generation
  • Ability to play NOISE drums
  • Improvements to arpeggiator
  • Change octave of hardware
  • Chromatic note arrangement for scales in Smart Chords
  • Keyboard note triggering
  • Support for third party MPE devices/MPE synths
  • RISE fader control of Smart Chords, Arpeggiator and Audio Effects
  • User-generated tags/filters
  • Ability to save Smart Chords presets
  • Manual entry of macro values
  • Voice control
  • Layering of multiple engines
  • Dark Mode menubar in macOS Mojave
  • Looper
  • Chord inversions
  • Control of chord strum amount and direction
  • Note names of scale instead of numbers (Smart Chords)
  • Save preferences between standalone and plugin version

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