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Custom Sounds

1. it would be nice to save presets of effect/chord/arp/... settings with the availible sounds in the player

2. it would be nice to load custom sounds previously created with the full versions of equator/cypther/... (I think editing the sounds inside the player app might make things too confusing since the focus is on playing not sound design...)

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Thanks for the feedback Andreas. What sort of settings would you want to be able to save as part of an effects preset?

Actually all settings in the "Smart Chords" "Arpeggiator" and "Audio Effects" tab... eighter saving presets for each tab individually to recall later or for all together...

Saving presets also would matter if it would be possible to create layered sounds or have two sounds split out on the keyboard with a split point? 

I guess at the moment, if people would want to use it in a live show situation one would create a MainStage or Ableton project with it and save the custom settings for each song into a separate track or channel strip? If there would be some additional preset functionality I think that the the standalone version could be a cool app for playing live too!

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