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Problem with ROLI Seabord RISE 49

Hi, everybody

I have problems with my ROLI Seabord RISE 49

The problem is that when I press one key, two keys are pressed at once 

1. The first one I pressed

2. The second key next to the first

I think I have the same problem as this man on reddit.

I attached the video with this problem

Ask for help from the community, maybe someone already had this problem and you could help me to fix it

Because it was a gift, And he failed! =(

Thanks, waiting for any suggestions!

(18.2 MB)

Hi Cotaga, we're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your Seaboard RISE. 

Please create a new support ticket with our team, who will be able to help to resolve the issues you're experiencing.

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Hello Lawrence

I have already created two tickets

And I already waiting 4 days for your answer....

I also wrote to you on Facebook but you didn't answer me

Thanks Cotaga, I'm sorry to hear you're still waiting for a response - the support team is currently experiencing a higher number of inquiries than than usual, but please rest assured that they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please ensure you've updated your RISE to the latest firmware, and try loading the "MPE" mode in ROLI Dashboard, to see if this resolves the issue.


I have a similar issue, but only for one note. It is really annoying. I will open a ticket and keep you posted.

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Hello Matthieu,

Thanks for reply!

ROLI replied to my ticket 

And they are ready to repair

Only problem is I'm abroad now. 

And don't know how to send to ROLI

I'll also keep you posted!

Hello from Turkey, I have a same problem with my Roli Rise 49. 

I bought from USA 5 monts ago and playing with Roli is realy hard. It a big disappointment for me. And now I have same problem with the other friends, sounds mixing one touch. But only for one key has problem. When I touch the key, key give 2 sounds together. What sould I do ......

Hey Yildirim,

Sorry you're also experiencing these issues. As above, please create a new support ticket and we can help you.



Ok, its done

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