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No audio output any more

Since touching the audio settings once, the audio output is not working any more. Equator player standalone still works.

Hi Robert, sorry to hear that! This actually matches something we've seen very infrequently, it would be very useful to know a few things if that's alright.

- Are you using RSP with an external audio interface, or just the built in output?

- Which model is your mac (just model and year would do)

- Does this happen every time you change your audio settings, and does audio work again when you restart RSP?

Ok, there is an "Enable or disable the synth engine"-button at the main faders section which was not expected, obviously pressed by accident and not cleared within a program restart.

Thanks for letting us know Robert, apologies if this wasn't clear. The synth engine can be disabled to allow the Smart Chords and Arpeggiator to be used to output MIDI from ROLI Studio Player as a plugin in a DAW host that support MIDI Out from VSTs.

ROLI Studio Player will recall any previous settings that applied in the previous session - we'll look into adding a 'reset' into ROLI Studio Player, to set it back to its default state.

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