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Incorporating Equator


I would like to see all of my Roli/Fxpansion synths and sounds integrated into this one place

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Thanks Dan, this is something we're looking to introduce in a future update.

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I would also like to access all my Equator sounds like acoustic piano etc. also all my purchased Sound packs. Seeing I am more performance oriented, it would be also nice if you could layer sounds from all the 3 sound sources. Playlists would be a nice feature.

Thanks Gregory - we aim to introduce support for all existing presets in a future update of ROLI Studio Player.

Hi, will my own created Equator sounds be available in Roli Studio Player too?

Hi Ivan, this is something we'll be introducing in a future update

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Thank you, Lawrence! Looking forward this feature!


no he podido activar mi licencia en Equator, me pide activar mi numero de serie y me dice que ya aparece registrado a un correo electronico y no soy yo.

PAG favor ayuda Urgente

Hi Jesus, please contact our support team regarding this issue by creating a new support ticket.

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