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Bottleneck @ ASIO : Cubase @ Mojave

Too heavy Loading , The Ashio Meter is nearly full, Only 2 or 3 tracks could operate, # Environmental Specification, # iMac i5 2.6ghz, Mojave, Cubase 10 Pro ver(.0.015) # NI KOMPLETE KONTROL could operate perhaps operate over 20 or 30.... Sure of course , Sample-Based Instruments, i.e. ; KONTAKTs ... # Over.

Thanks, we'll look into this - we're aware of some high CPU usage that can occur. Does this affect actual audio performance in any way? I.e. are you hearing any artefacts/distortion due to the high ASIO usage? It'd be great to know some information regarding buffer size and sample rate of your project.

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44.1, 2048,

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