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Studio player vs Logic pro X internal midi effects with Equator.

I've been watching the Studio introductory video and the various different options for chords and arpeggiation, etc. 

I opened Logic Pro X with Equator as a plugin, and added Logic's own arpeggiator and chord triggers, and the effects are very similar. I am a hobbyist and not an expert, but is Studio player far superior? 

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Hey Martin, thanks for the question. Feel free to check out the ROLI Studio Player Beta guide, which outlines each feature of the Arpeggiator, as well as everything else in v0.1.0.

Some features that set ROLI Studio Player's Arpeggiator apart from the Logic arpeggiator include:

  • Three independent layers that have their own set of independent controls, for creating more complex and interesting melodies/rhythms, as well as global controls for all layers.
  • MPE compatibility, allowing the arpeggiator melody to be modulated further using Press, Glide and Slide expression.
  • Integration with Smart Chords, which feed directly into the arpeggiator, allowing you to easily create melodic movement across multiple chords, all locked within a specific key and scale of your choosing.
  • The ability to use ROLI Studio Player to output MIDI from the Arpeggiator into any other third party VST plugin (so long as the DAW supports MIDI Out from VST).

Hope that helps!

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