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Adding additional MPE synths

Greetings, can you add a selection option/tab for the ROLI Sudio player to work with additional MPE devices, such as the K-4 by Keith McMillian- The Soundplane- The Linnstrument- The Haken Continuum etc? Thank you.

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Thanks Rodney, we'll be introducing deeper hardware integration in future updates, but I'll suggest support for third party MPE devices to the team.

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Sounds like this is the right time to “bang the MPE drum”. Among other things, ROLI Studio Player could be a gateway into the world of MPE, for a bunch of people. Sure, one would guess that most ROLI managers primarily think of those other controllers and instruments. But I’m also guessing that ROLI engineers and some of the more musically inclined people in the company perceive the opportunity to enhance collaboration through the MPE space and, basically, take on the real competition (large incumbents like Native Instruments and Korg).

(Version 0.1.0 of ROLI Studio Player already does work pretty well with my Sensel Morph, unlike the standalone NOISE app on iOS.)

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Thanks Alex, companies and products uniting over MPE can only be a good thing going forward, so we hope that ROLI Studio Player can become a useful tool for anyone with an MPE device.

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So glad you agree, @Lawrence!

To me as a musicker and ethnomusicologist, what’s exciting about the now isn’t about business models and revenue streams from selling soundpacks (though these make sense in the current climate). It’s about bringing electronic music further away from what Roger Linn described as “on/off switches”.

There are exclusive ROLI things which will make investors happy. But there’s something deeper brewing which has as much to do with Roland Lamb and Ed Eagan and Geert Bevin as it has to do with musickers (“creators”) like Grimes and Imogen Heap and Jacob Collier and Adam Waito building something new and deep and fun and fitting.

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