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Roli Connect runs at startup


Please have an option in your software to NOT start up Roli Connect every time I start my computer. This should be an option only. On a studio computer resources are precious...

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Thanks James, I've passed this on to the team.

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Hello Roli Team,

First of all I really appreciate the ROLI Studio Player concept, and adding this freebie eventually to each hardware owner's account as I understood increases the value quite a bit.

Now with that said, please don't mind me openly expressing my very strong disliking of the always-cloud-connected approach. I sincerely hope you are not planning on running every Roli software with this kind of copy protection - there are much more user-friendly approaches out there (see e.g uHe software...). As James pointed out correctly, studio computer resources need to be saved for DAW performance.

I really hope this gets a fruitful discussion within the Roli team(s).

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HI Manuel, thank you for this feedback - in future updates to ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Connect, we'll be looking to introduce authorisation that does not require ROLI Connect to always be running in order to launch ROLI Studio Player.

Hello Roli Team,

Same here, and almost as I often take my Seaboard on stage : what if I can't be connected and wanna run Studio Player on stage ?

Cheers !

Hey Emmanuel, we're looking at a more flexible authorisation process that won't require a continuous connection to authorise ROLI Studio Player - look out for this in a future update.

Let me add my vote for not 1) not being forced to run ROLI Connect to use your software and 2) not having software add itself to my login items automatically everytime being run. I really like the your hardware, but my computer is mine, and I prefer to have control on what I run. I have no problem with ROLI Connect itself, and using it, but only when I want to.

I strongly second to have an option for this. This should absolutely not be the case and imho has no relation to issues such as authorization (why should I need an authorized connection when not running any of the synths/apps requiring it) and concurrent usage of connect and roli studio. 

+1 from me. Authorisation needs to allow offline working, and need to have option to start OR NOT start ROLI Connect.

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I was just about to start a new topic on this subject and then I saw I am not alone. It needs to have an option to prevent Connect from loading at startup (or at least from opening maximized but this is also not ideal resource wise). The best situation requires there to be an offline mode to run Studio Player. If its with a product key like Equator then so be it. I would like to see Connect primarily as an Updater and secondarily as an optional Launchpad. 

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