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distortion and break up

 rise 25:

notes break up and distort when using complex note clusters, particularly in strum and arp modes.

also, a side note of if a user owns a full version of cypher2 etc, that full sound list should be available in player.

keep up the good work!

Thanks Barry! Does the distortion/breaking up happen regardless of which preset you're using, or only with certain presets?

More content will be available in future updates, including support for existing Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets.

I experience distortion and breakup notes while playing ROLI Studio Player as a plugin in Logic X with a standalone session of the app also open on my MacBook Air. Closing both sessions and reopening the session in Logic X solved the problem.

Thanks Alan, we're looking into improving performance for the next RSP release, for now one thing that might help is only having one window visible at a time, as the UI is actually quite expensive.

Yes.  Roli Studio Beta has way too mch distortion, crackling sound while running both Cyber2 and Equator.  Tested out Equator and Cyber2 and the noise is not there on eiother of them when running them independent of Rooli Studio Beta.  MacBook Pro 17" Late 2011 Issue running OS X High Sierra with plugged in monitors and a Roli Seaboard RISE 49 keyboard.  Strobe2 will not load at all; but then, I have always had issues with Strobe2.

Nice idea, just needs work.

Hey Glenn

I've found the same as you regarding Cypher2 vs RSP. Fortunately we've already made some performance improvements, and they should make it into the next beta release. Thanks :)

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