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Linux Support

This is a great opportunity to make Roli products available for the Linux community. Even if it's only available as a VST on a native DAW, like Reaper, and even if it's only targets one distribution family, such as Ubuntu, it would go a long way towards showing that Roli supports their customers.

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Thanks for the suggestion Virgil - it's likely that the initial release will only be available for Mac and Windows, but we appreciate the size and dedication of the Linux community, and hope that we can support the platform in the future.

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Good evening Virgil and other fellow Linux users, I also am mostly a GNU/Linux user and I can't wait for the moment I'll be able to ditch Windows to use my Seaboard. 

A few months ago I've been working on a project using Google Chrome's MIDI APIs which is compatible with the Roli Seaboard block and might be compatible with other Seaboards (I just own the block at the moment) which works on Android, GNU/Linux and more or less any kind of environment running Chrome.

It's clearly juste a proof of concept I use to play along when I listen to music, but If you want to try it it's right there: and if an engineer, designer or developer or anyone that might be able to add something  to the project, it's Free Software (MIT) and everyone is welcome to contribute (!

Have a nice day!

Hi, Jeremie. This looks good! I'm coming up on the end-of-semester crunch time (I'm back in grad school in the Music Technology Master's program at Georgia Tech), but once summer roles around I will hopefully have time to help contribute to this project.

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Wow :D, Music Technology Master sounds very interesting!  Good luck with that!

Equator is written in JUCE, which is designed to be cross platform. Why can't you just compile it for Linux? 

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Hi Alex, it's true that it would be simple to compile for Linux, but there is extra work in testing and maintaining.

Perhaps this is something we could consider for a future beta but right now we are focussed on delivering a full Mac and Windows release! I'll provide the feedback to the team :)

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 I think many Linux users that own ROLI products would be happy to test a beta release. Looking forward to hopefully seeing a release in the future!

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