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My thoughts on Studio Player BETA

I like the concept. The interface is clean and easy to figure out, even for an old fart like me. 

  Smart Chords are a welcome addition. There should be an option to play through the scale degrees chromatically using sequential "white" keys for the 2 of us that can't quite recall the notes in Eb Hungarian Minor, similar to InstaChord. 

  I don't understand why it's necessary to select "engines" and Soundpacks, Tag the presets and scan them all. I do like the sort icons for Instruments and Sources. 

  Will Studio Player eventually have a version of Dashboard integrated?

  Overall, this concept looks very promising save for one glaring thing that will be a deal breaker for me. I DESPISE things like ROLI Connect. For the life of me I cannot understand why EVERY developer is going to this format. Everybody and his brother seems to be adding these little programs "for my convenience" and they add up. If it's for security of some type, then go to an iLok and be done with it. At the very least, please, please make it an optional install for those who think they would benefit from it. Thank you. end of rant, I feel better now.

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Hi Ken,

Some great points there with some questions I can answer. I'll share your thoughts on the Smart Chords behaviour to see if we can improve the current experience.

Regarding the browser, we wanted to create the option to either view the entire list of presets in one go (the default being no filters applied) or apply different tiers of filtering. E.g, if a creator knows they want to access only Equator presets, they can do so with the Engine filter.

We'll be introducing deeper hardware integration in ROLI Studio Player in future updates, which will allow much more intuitive and creative control over your hardware and ROLI Studio Player itself.

We'll be improving the ROLI Connect integration with ROLI Studio Player in future updates too, so that it won't be always required to be running when you wish to use your ROLI software. We very much appreciate how authorisation and content management software can interfere and interrupt a creator's workflow and environment, so we're working towards an application that's discrete and effective.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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