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Issue tracker for feature requests

Please manage feature requests with something like some (nice looking) issue tracker software rather than a forum, since up/down-voting, following discussions and getting and maintaining an overview is really a lot easier to do with slightly expanded functionality to what this site provides.

Currently I feel that there's already a decent amount of useful suggestions and perhaps someone (moderator?) would be able to f.e. split longer posts into individual suggestions. This to reduce duplication, +1 posts and voting for features that matter to enough users to be meaningful.

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Hi Patrik, thank you for this suggestion. 

We're logging everything that's raised in these forums internally, and will keep the lists of known issues and requested features updated as frequently as possible. We'll also include release notes with subsequent updates to ROLI Studio Player, so you can see what's been implemented from the features suggested since the beta launch.

We'll also be moderating posts to ensure to reduce the likelihood of duplication, which we hope will also be stemmed by keeping creators up to date with known issues and features.

Hope that helps - please let us know in the meantime if you have any additional feedback.

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