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Where is the PC version???

I've just got the email about the new Roli Connect and Studio player, but the link to download it only appears to be a .dmg file for Mac.

Where is the .exe version for PC?



Hi Robert, thanks for reaching out. We apologise if the messaging was at all unclear in the original email you received - the current beta version of ROLI Studio Player, v0.1.0, is only available for Mac. However, we're working to prepare the next update to ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Connect, which will introduce Windows 10 support - we aim to release this as soon as possible.

Thanks for the quick reply Lawrence.

Hopefully not too long for Win10 support!!


I downloaded ROLI Connect for Windows 10.  It installs and then it will run.  I can not select "I already have an account" When I select it, it will go to Soundhive Sessions. Please help.

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