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Switching sounds while playing often causes stuck notes (MIDI panic)

Based on some initial playing yesterday, it seems that switching sounds on the fly (using trackpad and click) while leaving fingers on the Seaboard surface so that some sound was playing easily causes stuck notes (MIDI panic).  Not sure exactly what the proper functionality would be, but it was fairly easy to reproduce. Nor am I sure if this is all that different from f.e. Equator.

Hey Patrik, thanks for this report. I'd like to ask a couple of quick questions that will help us to understand where the issue could be occurring:

Do the stuck notes seem to occur regardless of which engine (Equator, Strobe2 or Cypher2) you use?

Was this with a Seaboard Block or a Seaboard RISE, and was it connected via Bluetooth or USB?

We'll take a look into the issue and raise anything we encounter with the team.

I was using a Seaboard Block, connected through USB. It might be connected through an additional USB-hub, I can't recall off the top of my head and will have to check though I don't believe any other devices were turned on through the hub.

I don't know about the engine, will have to try to reproduce this.

Although I spent most of the time with a setup with two Seaboard Blocks connected (final setup was Seaboard Block <> two Lightpad M blocks stacked vertically <> Seaboard Block), I'm certain that the first time this happened I was playing with only one Seaboard. So even if the physical layout might have some part to play it did happen in isolation, though I guess that since the layout allows the Seaboards' octaves to be set up independently (and I had them partially overlapping) this might cause extra confusion.

As to frequency, this happened at least 3 times in what I would guess was 15-20 minutes of initial exploring  in the app.

Thanks for this information; we'll look into reproducing this issue. If you do notice any difference in behaviour when connected through a hub as opposed to directly to your machine, please let us know.

We're currently working to improve the likelihood of stuck notes at a firmware level and are working towards a new firmware update for BLOCKS to address this - we hope to ready this for release as soon as possible.

I had stuck notes, too, but it wasn’t when switching, it was when I was in ARP mode and ran my fingers up to and off of my Seaboard block. I had to kill and restart the app to make it go away. Was not able to recreate.

Thanks Jahz. This is an issue we're looking into that seems to affect some presets more than others - if you do encounter any presets in particular that appear to cause this behaviour, please let us know.

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