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Smart chords + note grid mode

The smart chords section is really great and I've been waiting for this to happen. 

Here is one downside I noticed or maybe it's not working for me correctly.

I have the songmaker kit and even though I change the scale the note grid on my Lightpad M doesn't adapt  to the new scale. It stays on the default mode loaded in the dashboard. No pitch & visual change on highlighted (root) note. 

same behaviour if I plug in only the lightpam M.

It would make sense to have the root note on the hi lighted square and then go from there to the ii-iii-IV... rest of the chords etc

Is it possible to adapt to the new scale? Do I miss something?

the seaboard block works fine in that mode.

Hi Aris, thanks for this detailed feedback. 

We'll be introducing deeper hardware integration in future updates to ROLI Studio Player, which will resolve this issue and make it possible to control the scale that appears on the Lightpad Block from ROLI Studio Player, as well as many other interactions that will improve the experience with ROLI hardware.

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That's great news.

Thanks for the quick reply


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