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First impressions

these are my first impressions

- i used it as plug in in LIVE, so of course #1 would be: 

make ableton introduce MPE ;)

- it's high on CPU, without doing anything about 30% in LIVE on a iMac 4core i7

- i would prefer tree structure for the broweser. it's  not clear to see for me, which SOUND folder i am in

- how can i change from studio player into Equator for detailed editing?

there might be solutions for those points, as i said: first impressions

Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback. We're hoping to one day see MPE support in Live too :) But for the time being:

- We're aware of the current CPU usage and are looking to improve the efficiency of ROLI Studio Player when idle.

- Can you let us know a little more about your ideal browsing habits? We want to make the browser as accessible and useable as possible, so appreciate any further feedback on how this can be improved.

- Currently there is no linked integration between the full versions of Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2, but we'll look into the possibility of introducing this in a future update.

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My first impression visually:

the text feels  too dimmed, it'd be more readable brighter. 

Great that it's scaleable, nice to be able to take advantage of a big monitor!


First, I loved this new initiative. Congrats!  I just tried on Live. I will try on Logic and Garageband yet. Yes, its sucks the a lot of process of my macbook pro.  I liked the UI navigation. Maybe change the color of the modules everyone can find and be more focus? Not different colors but subtle tones differents. Maybe we can use arrow to preview the sounds while pressing the hardware?

Thanks Tony - we're looking at improving the visibility of the GUI in future updates.

Hi Lawrence maybe i am doing something wrong but a simple tree structure preset browser might make clearer, which presets belong to which group/folder

Thanks Chris, I'll suggest this to the team to see if we can make a tree structure view possible.

Hello Lawrence,  

first: i did not see the second browser layer "EXPLORE". This is of course basically already almost like the tree structure i was asking for. 

second:  in the PLAY layer of the browser, yesterday i could see pictures for packs, like for the 4 indian  patches. that was what i meant with "confusing": when i clicked on this picture for the indian sounds, i still could see a lot of other sounds below. btw: those pictures are gone now? 

in the EXPLORE layer, i cannot find this "indian expansion". only EQUATOR, CYPHER, STROBE

also, there is no filter like "ethnic", "experimental" or whatever.  personal filters might be helpful.

another thing: it is not possible to layer sounds from different engines?

the player itself i like a lot, very clear, good macros, good fx  NICE!

now if there was a triple pedal, with x/y pedals on each side additionally...

First of all, congratulations, this player is excellent. I agree that the browser takes up a lot of space and I didn't immediately understand its structure.

I also find the plugin too contrasted, I have to increase the brightness to see well.

Thanks a lot.

I would love to be able to hit a link to the sound engine currently selected, make tweaks to the actual synth, and then pop back to Studio.  Not being able to conveniently modify the patch is a real drawback for tweakers, I think.

I think the Soundpacks graphics take up too much real estate. They only serve to select soundpacks, yet they are huge. 

The Strobe icon and the Cypher icon look almost exactly alike, and when they are small, it's almost impossible to tell the difference. Can you change one's color or something so users can distinguish between them?

When perusing soundpacks, it would be nice to be able to scroll with a mouse swipe rather than having to hit the little left/right button.

Am currently unable to download. I thought it was perhaps congestion on your end (I have fiber to the curb and get 1gb/s) but the download is stopping with an error "You do not have permission to download".

Three attempts in two days have gotten stuck. I see the posts above, so clearly it's possible to access the download. If there's something I should/shouldn't be doing, I'd love to hear about it.

... it could be awesome to have a Studio mode where the 3 sliders on the Rise are mapped to the Arpeggiators and the XY pad can be mapped to an effect. It's always disappointing that I can't use iOS Noise in conjunction with other apps on my iPad, but the one consolation is wanging the XY FX pads! :D 

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