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The use of Cpu is abnormal

Nothing happen in my Daw but cpu works very hard!

My audio interface is Apollo8 and apollo twin that connected with thunderbolt. buffer size is 512 sample rate 48khz.


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Hey Inho, thanks for sharing this report - we're aware of the current CPU usage and are working to improve the efficiency of ROLI Studio Player, in both the GUI as well as the sound engines themselves - feedback like this is really useful, as it helps us to establish more appropriate benchmarks.

Does the CPU level decrease when the ROLI Studio Player window is closed?

Yes! If I turn off the plugin, it also decrease

Thanks for confirming Inho, we'll look to address this in a future update.

Same problem here. Surface Pro i5. CPU maxed out. Sounds crackle/static. Also, what is this MIDI device for? Is there documentation for it? How does it relate to Roli Dashboard?
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