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Available sounds

First impression = great!!

Regarding available sounds : I have the full version of both Strobe2 and Cypher2, will all of those sounds/presets be available in ROLI Studio Player?

Best regards Hasse

Hi Hans, thanks for the kind words, great to hear you're enjoying it!

We'll be introducing more content with the next updates to ROLI Studio Player Beta, including support for all existing Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets.

It would be great to be able to play the soundpacks I use with ROLI Noise app, but in my DAW instead, things like the SWAM Cello and Sax sounds - are they going to be available under the Studio Player? Or are they already there and I just can't find them?

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Hi Jonathan, we'll be introducing more content with future updates, including more soundpacks that appeared in NOISE.

great, I look forward that all the available sound will be added to Roli Studio Player. For example, I did not see some of the acoustic equator piano. Will there be the SWAM noise engine from Noise added to Roli studio too ? thank's a lot

Hi Laurent, good suggestion! The SWAM engines sound amazing and have been a great addition to NOISE. It is definitely something we would like to consider. I’ll pass on the feedback to the team.

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my first impressions are so great!

only 3 questions

- in future could we access offline? not in all places we can get wifi

- perhaps icons aren't intuitive

- -i'm missing sounds of equator?

Thanks for your work


Hi Vicente, thanks for the feedback!

- Yes, we are aware of this limitation at the moment and we'll be adding offline authorisation to ROLI Connect and RSP

- I'm not sure which icons you mean?

- As Lawrence replied above - we'll be adding new sounds on full release, and will include support for all existing Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets

I just installed the Win 10 beta.   Was hoping to test the Equator "Rustic Aura Harp" sound with the Smart Chorus and Arpeggiator.   The Equator sound is unavailable

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