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Timeline for the Beta Period?

How long do you expect the beta to last? Do you have a timeline to get feedback from us? Apart from general “community management” practice (and possible bug tracking), is there a mechanism through which you’ll provide more insight as to how our feedback might be integrated? Do you have more specific questions you want to ask us (which are likely to make a difference on your decision-making) or are you collecting any feedback to check what sticks?

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Hey Alex, thanks so much for all of the great feedback you provided on social media and in the Feature Requests forum - we're working to make sure that everything you've suggested is logged, so that our team can address feature requests and improve the ROLI Studio Player experience in future updates. We'll be tracking bugs/issues and features separately to ensure that all issues are logged, prioritised and resolved as efficiently as possible.

Currently the beta period is looking to last through the next few months, with a full release in the summer. During this time we're collecting, logging and addressing as much feedback as possible, so that ROLI Studio Player meets creators' expectations, and can become a valuable part of their workflow.

Feel free to try the current beta version (and updates that will be available in the coming months), and let us know what you enjoy and what you think could be improved, or seems to be missing from the experience.

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