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Load my custom Cypher 2 and Strobe presets

How do I find my custom presets that I have written in Cypher 2, so that I can load them in ROLI Studio Player?

Hi Connor, this isn't currently supported in the v0.1.0 beta of ROLI Studio Player, but we'll be adding support for more sound content in future updates.

The studio player obviously does does not support the full versions of Strobe and Cypher. I am even not able to add them to my account. From this point of view I doubt if the studio player will be a success story.

Additionally my Roli Blocks are shown in the player like a Rise - this is also strange. 

Hi Jens,

At the moment we have only released a beta version of RSP, rest assured that in the full version we will have support for full Cypher and Strobe libraries, including user presets.

In what way are the Blocks shown like a RISE, can you be more specific, or post a screenshot please?



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