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Rise 25 vertical finger position on keys not mapped well & 3 sliders not working at all

upon first use can notice that the vertical keyboard mapping is totally off, it maps the whole range roughly to the bottom 1cm of any key instead of the full key height.

also the 3 sliders do not work with the software.

Seems like that may have been the issue!

Thanks for your help!

Hi Andre, thanks for the update - have you ensured that your RISE is MIDI Mode by pressing the power button on the RISE? It sounds as though your RISE may currently be in Expression Mode. You can find more information in the following article:

In Roli Dashboard i resetted my unit to default settings, faders are configured to cc 107, 109 and 111 still when i check for incoming midi messages the 3 faders are sending out sysex messages instead of cc messages.

Hi Andre, have you checked to see if your MPE settings in ROLI Dashboard are configured correctly? So long as the sliders are set to CC 107, 109 & 111 (XY is CC 113 & 114), and the Slide sensitivity amount isn't at its minimum (which can cause behaviour as you've described), the sounds in ROLI Studio Player should respond to the sliders and Slide modulation appropriately.

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