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ROLI Studio Player Beta on Windows 10 ?

Why I can't install ROLI Studio Player Beta on Windows 10 ?

If I can, could you please explain me how ?

Thank you,

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Hi Ale,

v0.1.0 of ROLI Studio Player Beta is currently only available on Mac. We'll be introducing Windows support in an update soon!

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Would have been nice to have that limitation mentioned in the email somewhere, or even on the linked to page with the video.

Maybe consider changing that "Download Now" link to indicate you will be downloading the macOS disk image, so as not to confuse Windows users who haven't used mac's before, and may not be familiar with the file format.

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please let us now ASAP for windows 10 integration ! 


Yes, Windows 10 soon please, I cannot wait, the demo looks great.

Being a Sound designer working in surround sound, more then 20 channels,

A very important feature would be  multiple assignable outputs.

Eight would be a great start.

Do you have a release date for Windows 10.

    Thank You   Hal

Yeah would be nice to see this on windows, can't stand mac os anymore

Waiting for Windows version, too
Take your time, no rush at all  ;)

Hi Brian, we're sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Please rest assured that we're working on completing the next update to ROLI Connect and ROLI Studio Player that will introduce Windows support. We've updated the messaging here on the forum to make it a bit clearer that Windows is not currently supported, and I'll pass your feedback on the team to ensure our communications are clearer in the future.

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Yes, it would have been nice to mention that this isn't available for windows somewhere, I just noticed it after downloading the file just to see it was a .dmg file I couldn't make use of.

Hi Hal, I'll pass this on to the team. We aren't able to share a specific date for an update that introduces Windows 10 support, but we're working on getting this ready as soon as possible.


Thank You.

When the Windows version become available how will we be notified?

Looking forward..


Hi Hal, we don't have a specific date yet for the update of ROLI Studio Player that includes support for Windows 10, but we're working to get this ready as soon as possible. Keep an eye out in these forums as well as in your email inbox - we'll be letting you know as soon as the next update is available.

Greetings Lawrence:

Thank You for the update.

For me when a company responds like you have means a lot to me.

 Looking Forward    Hal 

 All windows versions please, a lot of us still use win 7. ;)

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