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ROLI Studio Player : Presets Search

Hi Lawrence !

I've just installed RSP.

The description says : "ROLI Studio Player is the amazing new way to access all ROLI sounds and effects, all in one place, and make great music with them."

Thinking of that awesome unification of "all" the ROLI sounds, my first thought was to search my fave presets from RSP.
And... I don't find them nor my own User's presets.

Is there something to do or is there a current limitation ? Clearly, I don't see all the known and usual presets of the 3 main software. It looks like it's the equivalent of the limited version of the Apps. Could you confirm that ?
To be sure I didn't select any filter by mistake, I clicked on the "Clear All" button in the Filter select list guessing the search would be maximized by default.

In attachment my example, searching the Equator's preset "Poseidon's Lament" :  Loaded in Equator and not found in RSP.

Computer : MacBookPro 15'' 2018 Core I7 - 16Gb RAM

Os : MacOs 10.13.6 (High Sierra)

RSP as standalone

(1.42 MB)

Hey Moss,

This version is currently restricted to the content that you see in the browser - 280 presets in total for v0.1.0. 

We'll be opening things up in future updates to support plenty more content, including all of the existing Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 presets, as well as new soundpacks!

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i also immediately went to look for my favorites from the individual instruments' setups.

i look forward to accessing them from this interface! thanks.


Hi, I see the dashboard of Roli Studio empty, Is it normal? How can I download sounds?

Hi Richard, preset favouriting is not currently integrated between ROLI Studio Player and the full versions, but we'll see if this will be possible in a future update.

@Lawrence : The question behind that in fact is... Will you gather the presets "in" RSP making copies of the sound presets / soundpacks...  OR.... Will you be able to pick them up at the source, in each main software ?
How does Native Instruments work with Komplete Kontrol/Start and the NKS ? Because that's somehow the same idea and that's really useful and handful.
I can't wait to do that with the ROLI sounds collection !

Hi Mikel, can you let us know in a separate topic some more information about this issue, including any screenshots, and we'll be happy to help.

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ok Lawrence, thanks!

@Moss - We're working on the best way to configure interaction between presets and soundpacks between ROLI Studio Player and the full versions of each synth engine, so whilst I don't currently have a definitive answer for you, we'll be looking into this to establish a suitable solution - please do let us know if you have any suggestions!

thanks for the reply.

if this means i have a choice between abandoning all the work i've put into equator, strobe2, and cypher2 in order to gain an arpeggiator and some effects (the chord thing isn't that interesting to me, i know how to write chords) or just continuing to work on what i've already invested all this time into - i can promise you i'll just continue to use what i've already developed.

what would be great, IMO, is for you guys to integrate the experience from the individual instruments into the experience of using this new software, which does offer some cool additional stuff.

further (less pressing but still cool), being able to combine more than one of the sources together simultaneously would be a HUGE bonus.

thanks for listening.

Some great points Richard, thanks. We aim for ROLI Studio Player to exist alongside the full versions of Equator, Strobe2 and Cypher2 - we appreciate the potential in being able to craft your own presets in the full versions, and then use them in ROLI Studio Player, so we'll be working to establish a solution for this.

thanks again for your consideration! looking forward to what's coming......

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