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If you've been having fun with ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0 but feel it's missing a key ingredient to improve your workflow, please let us know in this forum by creating a new topic.

Whilst we may not be able to include or respond to everything you suggest, we'll aim to address as many ideas as possible in future updates to ROLI Studio Player Beta - feel free to be creative!

If you wish to report an issue you've encountered, please use the Issue Reporting forum.

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I more or less use my iPad exclusively for making music, so unless this is made available for IOS, it is of little use to me. So PLEASE invest more in IOS - we need Dashboard for IOS (long overdue), a full version of Equator (or at least the ability to use user presets saved from a desktop version of Equator) and an IOS version of the other synths and the Studio Player.

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A feature I've wanted for a long time is the ability to use Soundpacks purchased from the Noise app on my desktop to integrate with my DAW. I see in the Studio Player beta that some of those soundpacks are available, but being able to have ALL of them available would be a huge plus!!! For example, the SWAM and other packs by Audio Modeling on the Noise app have some of my favorite preset sounds, but we are limited to only use those within the Noise app. 

I would also purchase more Soundpacks if all the Noise app sounds were to be made available in the Studio Player. Please make it happen! 

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It would be great if it is possible to select the presets via the seaboard rise keyboard buttons, must be a simple midi setting.

Talking about midi, make the whole engine midi mappable.

my first two thoughts for now after 5  min of play.

Till now it is already amazing to have the whole Roli software and settings together in one app.

O yea Roli dashboard integration please. 



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I would like to find out if the Cypher 2 and Strobe 2 Instruments in this panel are the full version (if purchased by the user) or only the demo versions?  And if it is the demo, can it be unlocked with the full versions (again, if purchased by the user)? I noticed that the available sound list for each is very short, compared to the lengthy list in the full versions.

Secondary would be to unlock the full versions as individual instruments in Garageband, which at current only allows the use of the demo's for each.

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If you play with Player and you want to dive deeper and or tweek ie. in Equator or the others and you own those synth programs.

It would be great that you can click on the sound engine and open equator to further tweak the preset.

Cheers, Martin

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 The preset list, and other areas of the GUI, are using a dark gray font color that is stylish, but violates basic interface design because it's hard to read.  Selecting a preset shows the selection in a white font color, which is readable.  Better colors, or an option to change the font size would fix this.  Thanks

Ipad integration is a must !  for work on the road then have the possibility to exchange work between IPAD and PC  

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Could you please find a way to integrate Noise in ROLI Studio so that we can use it directly in our DAW ?

it would be so much simple to integrate when composing songs !

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Would love to see a way to create playlists of sounds like Equator lets me do. This is very useful for live performance.

Letting a MIDI program change select the patch would be nice too.

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Loving the idea of bringing everything under one roof! After a little playing though, my observations & feedback: Hope this makes sense without having the benefit of vocally explaining it or on video!

1. Why do the available sounds appear in grey font as though they're NOT available? i.e. Can't they be somewhat brighter and therefore clearer/easier to see and eliminate any confusion? I can imagine someone with poor eyesight and/or different lighting on their screen having problems here! It's a very dark look similar to Adobe Premiere & Photoshop!

2. Would it be possible to enable a mouse-grab (pickup) feature on the 3 vertical effect bars, and perhaps even the Arpeggiator window? As in if I'm after a middle value (50%) of an effect I would like the option of clicking in the middle of the bar and move the value from that point - rather than having to click on the small circle (often at the default bottom) and have to drag that all the way up or down, etc.

3. Slightly irritating this one... If I'm playing a sound with Arpeggiator on and decide to go into the Explore window to audition other sounds, the Arp feature is still enabled. This might be fine in most cases if perhaps you're after that effect but trying out different sounds. However, if you're not, you have to go back a screen to disable the Arp effect and then back into the Explore section. Would it be possible to turn the Arp on/off from the Explore window?

4. Would it be possible to put the PLAY and EXPLORE clickable buttons in the same place so they do indeed act as a toggle between the screens, which is really what they are doing?! So maybe place them where you currently have the wave symbol and 'Sounds' wording (top-left). At the moment I feel like I'm clicking on a bathroom switch at the foot of the stairs, only to turn it off in the master bedroom!

5. The Audio Effects screen isn't immediately clear what FX relates to which of the four XY pads without clicking on them. I know when you click on them a coloured horizontal line appears, but why not, a) have the four pads in the middle with the wording split either side 2 x 2 instead of one column of four, or b) have a thin coloured line around the four XY pads colour-matched to the selected FX on the right?

That's it for now. Looking forward to the next update(s)!

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Just thought of one for feature, if this in indeed possible...

6. Can the onscreen representation of the three vertical effect bars be linked to the hardware? So, currently the screen matches my fingers sliding up/down the sliders of the RISE, but not the other way round, so if I use the Studio Player's screen to increase the Delay (for example) fully to the top or down to the bottom with my mouse, my ROLI RISE lighting indicators remain as they were, thus out of sync!


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A few requests:

1. Global volume and Pan dials

2. Ability to modulate AMP and PAN 

3. Have the settings for the Arpeggiator in a drop down to make it easier to select

4. When selecting a new preset, the Chord, ARP and FX sections re-set to an off status

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iOS support please. Ditched my MacBook a long time ago for (live) music making. With the current power of the iPad Pro this schould be a no brainer! If no iOS than its no use to me. And I hate laptops on stage ‘ takes the fun / feeling out of music making. Tablets are much less prominent. More like the touch screen on a Kronos . So - iOS focus please , thank you very much ! Cheers. Joep Fruman

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So right off the bat, I would *love* to be able to use Roli Connect to ...connect... my devices wirelessly instead of having to go thru Audio MIDI Setup.

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