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ROLI Studio Player v0.1.0 & ROLI Connect v1.0.3 - Known Issues

Please see below for a list of issues with ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0 and ROLI Connect v1.0.3 that we are currently aware of. If you can't see your issue listed here, feel free to let us know!

ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0 (Launch)

  • Delay when launching RSP for the first time
  • UI is unresponsive when switching preset engines
  • Clicks when changing Audio Effects presets
  • Visual stuck notes on keyboard when moving playhead in a DAW host
  • Arp direction doesn't take into account Octaves on Layers
  • Tempo is only host synced when transport is running
  • Macro values do not always reset when switching presets
  • Occasional stuck notes using chord adaptive voicing

ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0 (Reported)

  • GUI is too dark
  • Cannot click to define fader position

  • Play and Explore buttons too far apart
  • High CPU usage when idle (36%)
  • Crash when loading Strobe2/Cypher2 presets
  • Scale does not update on LPB when changed
  • Stuck notes when switching presets whilst playing Seaboard
  • Soundpack graphics take up too much space

ROLI Connect v1.0.3

  • Unable to copy + paste in text fields with keyboard commands.
    • Right-click to access copy/paste options

  • Connect may occasionally appear to be stuck when attempting to install scripts to BLOCKS. 
    • If this happens, return to home page and try the installation again.

  • Quitting out of the ‘Welcome to ROLI Connect’ screen can cause the screen to trigger again when Connect is launched.

  • Installation issues may occur if ROLI Studio Player is installed on older versions of Connect. 
    • Please ensure that Connect has auto-updated to the latest 1.0.3 version first.