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How to report an issue with ROLI Studio Player Beta

Thanks for taking the time to check out ROLI Studio Player Beta v0.1.0 - we're looking forward to hearing your feedback! 

Whilst we may not be able to respond to everyone individually, please rest assured that we'll be reading every single post and taking every issue seriously, to improve future versions of ROLI Studio Player. 

Please check the Known Issues sticky before posting, to make sure you're not reporting a duplicate issue.

It's important to provide clear information. Below are a few tips to help you to create a great bug report:

  • Let us know the operating system & version you're running.
  • Outline as clearly as possible the steps that we need to take to reproduce the issue.
  • Sometimes issues can only occur occasionally, so the clearer the steps, the quicker we can squash the bug!
  • If you're using a specific digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Logic, Cubase, Live or anything else, let us know which one, along with the version.
  • If the issue is occurring whilst using a specific bit of hardware, let us know what's connected.

Other information that's often useful:

  • Your audio device (whether it's a driver or an external bit of hardware)
  • Screenshot/video of the issue
  • CPU model and speed
  • RAM size
  • Model of your computer

From all at ROLI, we'd like to thank you for your help; every issue report will help us to make ROLI Studio Player more powerful, efficient and most importantly more fun to use!

  • The GUI notes on the keys display at the bottom of the app is a half note off from the note I am pressing on the Rise

Thanks Stephen, we'll look into this now. Feel free to open a new topic instead of replying to this thread if you encounter anything else.