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Distortion on iPhone XS with Noise

Not sure if anyone else had experienced this but on my iPhone XS there is serious (as in makes it unusable) distortion when I try and play more than two tracks in Noise. I know the phone is OK as I can play music and films without distortion and I know the tracks are OK because on my iPad I can play the four tracks without any issue. However on my XS, running any more than two tracks results in the distortion. It also makes no difference what music mix I select. If I run three or four tracks at once I get the same result. Suggestions?

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I’ve the same problem, xs 256gb. There will be updates?

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Same for me on an XR. Lots of distorted cracking sounds.
I feel like my iPhone 7plus had less of an issue but now with the most updated iPhone X's Max 256, I get some serious clipping on fourth track. Also the metronome seems to stutter a bit

Hi all, 

We’re aware of an issue affecting certain iPad and iPhone models when processing audio.

Apple have acknowledged this and are aiming to provide a fix in a software update. 

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