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Lightpad block M as pitchbend/modulation controller?


I wonder if I can use Lightpad block M as a simple pitchbend/modwheel controller together with my MIDI keyboard that doesn't have pitch/mod wheels (Kawai VPC1)? Unfortunately, documentation is very scarce and it's hard to understand possible functionality of Lightpad block. I see that there is option to use it as XYZ Pad or simulate RISE controller, however I'm not sure if it can be configured to send pitch bend messages, since only MIDI CC's are mentioned?

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Wow, Thank you so much for creating this Frank.

It works perfectly!

I have spent a few hours this morning trying to hack bits of code

from your previous script and playing with some

other scripts I found on GitHub to sort this out but failed miserably,

So you saved me more wasted hours.

I agree with your earlier comments that all the scripts

should be stored in a central location for everyone to access.

I did get some good results searching "Roli Blocks" on Github

I found a few interesting sequencers

Thanks again Frank

Thank you Frank! Sweet script. Great work.

Thanks, Jared.

All I do is mess around with the scripts ROLI provided, really.

My lines are neither elegant nor efficient, I'm afraid. I just keep hammering on and bend it until it puts out what I want. I'm sure this leads to some redundancy, convoluted approaches and bad readability/manageability for follow-up tweaks. If someone with more scripting experience than me had some input on how I could improve my tweaks in these regards, that'd be nice :)

If there was a Littlefoot Scripting class, I'd be first in line to sign up, because all the typing, head scratching and lost hours put aside it is great fun to make an idea become a working reality!

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Well, really appreciate the effort. I just found this Littlefoot tutorial while googling:

Everyone should also checkout this incredible script:

Turns the Lightpad into a 5x multi-touch XYZ pad!

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Jared, have a look here for some more scripts

The 2nd one in the list "Melodic Bounce" is a lot

of fun and the code is pretty easy to modify.

Yeah, that Axyz-Gems script is super nifty!

Meanwhile I found an unintended behaviour in the implementation of Z-axis in the sliders of my script:

If you apply some pressure on a slider and then move sideways away from it, then the pressure won't return to zero until you go back onto the slider's area.

After I got aware of this, I realized that a similar thing happens on the pitch wheel as well. There you can slide sideways away from the "wheel" and the last pitch value will be kept until you lift your finger off the Lightpad.

I need to tackle that at some point, or decide to call it a feature... There's benefits in this possibility, but I'd rather have it implemented in a less unintentional way ;)

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Hello there! Just downloaded this mode. Works dope! Just wondering if there is any possibility to add Aftertouch on Z press on Wheels and/or XYZ pad? Or how can I program XYZ pad in this mode using only Dashboard? Yep, I’m very bad on programming -_- I wanna get something like Korg joysticks: Pitch Bend on X, Modulation on +Y (returns to center position), another stuff on -Y (returns to center position) and aftertouch on Z.

Interesting project idea.

No, it's not possible to add this functionality with Dashboard alone,  it needs to be coded in the underlying littlefoot script. It is relatively straightforward to add an option to send aftertouch on Z pressure for any of the sliders and the XYZ pad. Your real goal though, Korg joystick emulation with the XYZ pad with all the centering and dead zones it will need is quite a bit more of a challenge. But certainly possible...

Hi Frank,

Could you please detail the steps (in simplest terms) on how to get this script into dashboard?  When I follow the destination path to documents and then ROLI, I only have files for "Equator" and "Equator for Rise." Do I need to create a folder for "littlefoot" and then paste the script?  I'm obviously confused so any help is appreciated!

I'm running on a Windows 10 PC 



Hi yoabro,

"C:/User/[user name]/Documents/ROLI/Littlefoot" definitely is the correct path. I don't think I had to create the Littlefoot folder myself, but maybe the Dashboard installer has changed since, or the folder got created by  the "BLOCKS Code" application. So yep, do create the folder and put the script into it. Then start Dashboard (I don't think it will scan for new scripts while it's running).

If you have multiple ROLI harware connected you need to click on the picture of a Lightpad block to see the list of apps for Lightpads.

In reply to my own post, I figured it out after downloading the Blocks Code app and it works exactly as stated.  Thanks Frank!


Good Day Frank, possible to include a note Grid or Drum block as one of the mode in 1-Rise Controller Controller with Wheels (V1.1) ?

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