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Seaboard Rise : Pitch Bend range on a single note

Is there a way to have a full PB range on a single note, without having to slide out of the keywave ? 

What I'm looking for is a way to strike a chord and make a vibrato effect, like I would on a violin. 

Currently I cannot really output PB values beyond 62 and 66 with Glide sensitivity at maximum... And as far as I understand, the PB range in Dashboard does not have any effect on this. 

I hope I'm clear enough. 

Hi Louis, 

As long as your Seaboard RISE is in MPE mode and you're connected to an MPE-compatible instrument, the 'Pitch Bend Range' in ROLI Dashboard should absolutely have any effect. 

Try setting your RISE's Glide sensitivity to maximum and the 'Pitch Bend Range' in Dashboard to a low number (2 or 4) to exaggerate the effect. While it won't necessarily give you a "full pitch bend" range, you should have a wider range for vibrato. The playability may be difficult, so it's worth experimenting with the Glide sensitivity and Pitch Bend Range settings to suit. 

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. 


Thanks for the answer. I'll make further testing and get back if it's not working as expected. 

I cannot use Glide at maximum because it makes me unable to play adjacent notes. 

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