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Per note volume automation doesn't exist in cypher 2

Hello Cypher team. I am working on a project in Bitwig right now, and I'm trying to program in a polyphonic pitch bend kind of thing, but I don't want the pink note on top to start until bar 25. I tried starting a new note at bar 25 but there is a glaring new attack phase of the sound, but I want it to swell in. I thought Cypher 2 was MPE compatible which allows per voice control over parameters like volume, panning, and pitch, but the volume automation I have on this voice does not work. Any ideas? Is this just a feature that's not working right now?  

(46.7 KB)

Per note panning doesn't exist either. 

Hi Thomas,

The per-voice MPE parameters supported by Cypher2 are the five dimensions of touch - note pitch (Pitch Bend), velocity and off-velocity, press (Channel Pressure) and slide (MIDI CC74). Those are the only 5 things that are per-note controllable in that way, but the good news is they're all freely assignable to one or many destinations in the synth with variable depth per parameter.

So you can map any of these to any parameter in the synth engine, including volume and pan, via the modulation system. For example, select the "Slide" modulation source and paint-in the amount of panning you want on the pan knob, and do the same with "Press" and volume.

Hope this helps,


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