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Mapping and Layering Equator instrument presets in Ableton Live

Greetings all, I figured out how quickly select Equator presets in Ableton Live AND layer multiple Equator preset instances that create the most amazing dynamic combinations!. I made an Instrument Rack in Ableton Live, and duplicated the Equator VST in the Rack. For each preset instance of Equator in the Instrument Rack, I made a Host and 2-16 midi Voice tracks as described in Rolis article (link below )(these can be put in groups to keep tidy). I made 8 of these Host/15 Voice groups, each one set for midi coming from Block, and going to each specific Equator instance in the Instrument Rack. Then each instance of Equator can be opened and a particular instrument selected. A macro knob on the Instrument Rack can be mapped to the on/off button of each Equator instance, and the ranges set to have each Equator instance to have its unique area of turning it on in the macro knob range! NOT ONLY THAT... by overlapping ranges (or just manually turning on multiple instances) multiple Equator instruments can be playex AT THE SAME TIME, producing an incredible range and combinations of sounds effects with 5d variations. My head is spinning from how amazing the variations of sound and sensitivity produced using this method. I think this could be revolutionary for Roli and Live use. If so and Roli would like to do me a favor, i would LOVE to see a double length Lightblock , so that us guitar fretboard oriented folks slide chords and notes over longer distances like the Seabord Block . Im a new BIG fan of Roli! Thanks guys! ...

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 Hi Daniel, I've been trying to do what you suggest with instrument racks in Ableton, but not having luck. Any possibility of you sharing a template, so I can see where I'm going wrong? Thanks so much! - Jay

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