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RISE + Macbook Pro over Bluetooth - auto pairing

Is there a way to automate pairing of Rise and MacBook via bluetooth? Auto reconnecting in case of lost connection etc...  

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I found "Bluetooth MIDI connect" application on AppStore, it's Korg's application, but this app can connect automatically only Korg's devices. Can you create something similar for Roli devices?

Hi Kirill, thanks for sharing. It looks like while that doesn't auto-connect devices, it allows direct access to the MIDI Bluetooth device connection window without having to load Audio MIDI Setup manually. We're looking into what options there may be for making the Bluetooth pairing process more automated.

Now I use Korg application, when I power on my Seaboard, this application shows window "Found device etc...", I click on this window, then I click "Connect". More faster way, that without Korg's app, but not so fast as automatic connection

The Bluetooth-Connection stays only for a few seconds and gets always lost. Whats wrong? In Use is iMac 27" from 2017 with Hight Sierra and MacBookPro from 2014.

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