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Remote control of Dashboard parameters

I am using the seaboard 49 with Mainstage 3. I have a variety of patches and channel strips, within Mainstage, some of which use the Equator Synth engine as an input source, and others which use the Logic/Mainstage ESX24 sampler or one of the many other instruments available in Mainstage as an input source.

To make the Seaboard correctly control the Equator synth, I have to set the dashboard pitch bend range to 48. But, to correctly control most of the Logic/Mainstage instruments, I have to set the dashboard pitch bend range to 2.

I need some way to automatically change the dashboard pitch bend range when I call up the different patches in mainstage. Right now I have to have dashboard open as well as Mainstage and then jump between programs to make the dashboard pitch bend changes as the different channel strips require. This takes time between songs and opens up the door to user error with disastrous sonic consequences! I suppose with time I could re-create all of my channel strips to use the equator synth as an input (it is quite a powerful synth!), but that is not practical in the near future. So, what options do I have to be able to change the dashboard pitch bend range from within Mainstage? 

For that matter, it would be useful to be able to change the Dashboard  Mode settings and the Midi Settings remotely, via a sys exclusive command or CC message or Program change message, etc.

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As with Peter, my use case is just switching profiles by name while using Blocks, and I'm guessing that would solve 90+% of the use cases for this. 

I'm using my Seaboard block directly with an microcontroller (Teensy 3.6, which can act as an USB host) without any computer. I would love to attach some buttons to the microcontroller to control the pressure sensitivity, pitch bend range, ...
Unfortunately I can't use JUCE on the 
microcontroller, is there any other way to control the seaboard?

Thanks, Arno

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