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Beginner confused and frustrated with Songmaker Kit

Hey guys, 

I just got my Songmaker Kit from Thomann and was really excited to start learning! But well– finding info is really difficult.. And I fear some things are just not working properly.

I'm on a MacBook Pro late 2013 15'' fully specd with latest MacOS High Sierra

Dashboard, Equator (paid) and 2 of 3 blocks are on the latest version, too.

1) Loop block:

1.1 How can I pair the loop block? Every google search results in "pairing blocks" where it's all about the Lightpad and Seaboard..

1.2 How can I update the loop block when I can't connect it standalone? Dashboard says I cant..

1.3 I absolutely don't understand how to use the loop block. I have no idea how to make a song without NOISE (Android user..) – So I figured just use Equator and Roli Dashboard? But I have no clue how

2) Lightpad M

2.1 I get some weird glitches sometimes.. where the top or bottom left lights faintly lights up white, while I play? 

2.2 Some spots are less sensitive than others– that feels broken. Example: drum mode C1 (chess style coordinate) is really hard to get consistent hits. Like their is a loose connection or something. Same on B4 and C4..

2.3 While playing the lightpad.. a note gets stuck in Equator and plays infinitely; I have to restart equator then. This sometimes happens with the seaboard aswell. What is that and is there a better quick fix than restarting the software?!

2.4 How can I change the octave of the lightpad? Going through nested dashboard menues can't be the only way– 

2.5 How can I have a different instrument (drums for instance) on the lightpad and a synth on the seaboard. Equator seems to assign it to both; and I couldn't find a way in dashboard also.

2.6 How can I increase the overall sensitivity? Changing the strike sensitivity is not what I'm looking for. I have to hit the pad really hard to do anything. For example, changing the "tabs" in the mode right after the note-mode (when you go thorugh the mods with the top left button on the looper block) – it's impossible to do subtle movements like on the Seaboard

2.7 I hoped that the lightpad has a mode where I can see different looped layers on a grid and toggle them on and off– don't know where I saw this– but I'm sure the lightpad can do this, but how?

2.8 What is this mode anyways? These 

3) Seaboard

3.1 It's still quite hard to hit the keys full center; especially when playing chords. Is there a way to "round to the nearest key"? 

3.1.1 if yes.. would it be possible without disabling Glide completely?

3.2 Can I toggle Piano mode or change to chord mode using the lightpad or the loop block, maybe?

4) Equator

4.1 Why are there no drums in Equator? 

Sorry if this may seem bratty or lazy – I googled for most of the issues, but it was either nothing to find, or way too much stuff to go through; you will understand my frustration with so many issues; I was really excited to unpack and get it going like in the videos.

I'm hoping for a nice good kickstart here :(



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Hi Louis,

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll be happy to provide some resources that should help get you started and answer some of your questions, and then if you have any more specific questions please feel free to reach out to our support team

First, in general our knowledge base is the best place to search for answers, as your searches will yield more relevant results than only Googling.

Next, here are some articles which you may find helpful:

I hope these help get you started, and again please feel free to get in touch with our support team if you have any further questions!


> 1.2 How can I update the loop block when I can't connect it standalone? Dashboard says I cant..

Just a note for Windows users - you can't update the control blocks firmware if you live in the Windows universe. The firmware update happens through pairing the control blocks over bluetooth to the NOISE app, which only exists on iOS. 

The LightPad and Seaboard Blocks both have USB Type-C ports on them, so you can update those on Windows via the Roli Dashboard software. But you are out-of-luck with the control blocks.

I haven't found documentation on whether it is perfectly fine to run different blocks on different firmware versions - I would assume there are no issues, but who knows.

Thanks for adding to this thread, Thomas. 

I just wanted to clarify that firmware updates for Control Blocks can be done wirelessly with Apple computers via ROLI Dashboard as well as in the NOISE app on iOS. 

While BLOCKS can run on different firmware versions, we always recommend updating to the latest and greatest.




I have a similar issue as Louis. I am trying to be able to use my roli loop block in equator. I do not have an iPhone and would prefer not to use a phone when recording sessions. There is not adequate information provided about using the loop block on other platforms than the noise app and I was wondering what the reason for this was?

Best Jonas

Hi Jonas, 

The Loop Block was primarily designed to be used with NOISE. More recently, we've added tight integration with other applications: Melodics, GarageBand and Logic Pro X. 

To use the Loop Block with other applications, including Equator, you manually map its buttons in MIDI CC mode. You can read about how to map MIDI CCs to Equator in section 9.3 of the manual

We have an article that goes into more detail here:

Would mapping the loop block work with Cubase running on windows 10? I have Songmaker kit and can't now see the benefit in buying it. I can  run Equator as a synth on Cubase controlled by Seaboard and the Lightpad block but no loop block. 

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