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ROLI Seaboard Rise X-Y Pad Choppy/Jumpy

I am absolutely in love with my ROLI Seaboard RISE 49.  It is a game changer and delivers everything that has been missing for me as a keyboardist.  I have this one annoying thing that is going on and I'm wondering if others have experienced it as well.  My ROLI is plugged directly into my DAW via USB.  Everything seems to work great except the X-Y pad.  

90% of the time it is working perfectly fine and then every five to ten seconds or so while I am moving my finger across it, the visual contact point stops moving on the screen and the sound stays the same as where the visual contact point stops moving and then a second or two later there is a correction and the visual point and the sound jump immediately to the correct point.  This results in the sound jumping which ruins any attempt at smooth modulation.  I haven't noticed this at all with the 3 single sliders, so I may attempt to just map the modulations to those separately and see if that works but it isn't anywhere near as convenient as the X-Y pad.  Seeing if anyone else out there has encountered this.  I have tried both Cyan and White mode to see if one worked better than the other and there is no difference.

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Hi Ken,

Typically the XY Touchpad requires a bit more pressure than the keywave surface itself, so if you're using sufficient pressure it should respond well without noticeable jumping. If when using sufficient pressure you continue to experience this, please feel free to get in touch with our support team – including a video may be helpful.


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