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Equator Updated .dll file

 I installed the update but it did not update the dynamic link in my vst folder. How do I fix to run the updated version?>

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I found the dll file here C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2\Equator.dll You should also. Delete and reinstall

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I hope I hope that helps. After you reinstall, move that dll file to your vst folder

Well after reinstalling it for the 3rd time it finally appeared at  C: program > Program file > Common files> Steinberg > VST 2. Thanks a lot Red and Clark for your help!  

I found this very helpful...apparently the installer doesn't let you choose the destination path, nor does it tell you where the file is being sent!

Very frustrating!

same fix works for 1.12. seems like you'd want people to actually use the new version after you spent so much time updating it..

same problem here but work fine with reinstall 

would be indeed  perfect if we choose the destination 

but hey it's work so perfect 

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