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Lightpad Block M + Live Block, Windows 10


 Im owner of Lightpad block M and it works well with cable and windows 10. ROLI Dashboard finds it with no problems at all.

Recently I bought Live block and connected it to my Lightpad block M and Dashboard cant recognize the block even the LEDs are lighted up. Is there some solution? I know windows 10 cant use bluetooth but I thought that the information is transmitted through the DNA connectors.

Why I didnt have any concerns while buying the live block was because my friend has also Lightpad block M and when we connected them together, Dashboard via windows 10 recognized both lightpad blocks, the second one connected only with the DNA connectors.

Any idea?

Thank you

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For futurelings that come here looking for a workaround and if you have a Galaxy S8/S8+, the following was successful for me:

* Find and install the 3.0.5 version of the Noise app APK (just google "Noise apk 3.0.5", you'll find it)

* Disconnect everything from USB cables (and bluetooth too, although I presume you probably don't have anything capable of connecting to them via bluetooth at the moment anyhow)

* Connect the little block to the lightpad or seaboard via the DNA snap connectors

* Turn on the lightpad or seaboard - this'll turn on the lil' block too

* Go to your android settings > Applications > Noise app info > Permissions > Make sure all permissions are enabled.  I think not having them enabled was causing my entire phone to restart when I'd try to connect a block.

* Update the firmware


I have another problem with the M lightpad. At all times such a message is activated and the dashboard changes the app itself (the view in the dashboard is different than the mode on the device) Even when I run only the web browser in the background dashboard informs me about the control and makes a mess in the work modes. Both the device and the dashboard have the latest update


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