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Lightpad Block M + Live Block, Windows 10


 Im owner of Lightpad block M and it works well with cable and windows 10. ROLI Dashboard finds it with no problems at all.

Recently I bought Live block and connected it to my Lightpad block M and Dashboard cant recognize the block even the LEDs are lighted up. Is there some solution? I know windows 10 cant use bluetooth but I thought that the information is transmitted through the DNA connectors.

Why I didnt have any concerns while buying the live block was because my friend has also Lightpad block M and when we connected them together, Dashboard via windows 10 recognized both lightpad blocks, the second one connected only with the DNA connectors.

Any idea?

Thank you

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For futurelings that come here looking for a workaround and if you have a Galaxy S8/S8+, the following was successful for me:

* Find and install the 3.0.5 version of the Noise app APK (just google "Noise apk 3.0.5", you'll find it)

* Disconnect everything from USB cables (and bluetooth too, although I presume you probably don't have anything capable of connecting to them via bluetooth at the moment anyhow)

* Connect the little block to the lightpad or seaboard via the DNA snap connectors

* Turn on the lightpad or seaboard - this'll turn on the lil' block too

* Go to your android settings > Applications > Noise app info > Permissions > Make sure all permissions are enabled.  I think not having them enabled was causing my entire phone to restart when I'd try to connect a block.

* Update the firmware


I have another problem with the M lightpad. At all times such a message is activated and the dashboard changes the app itself (the view in the dashboard is different than the mode on the device) Even when I run only the web browser in the background dashboard informs me about the control and makes a mess in the work modes. Both the device and the dashboard have the latest update


Live Block Not Being Seen by Roli Dashboard or other Softwares:

Just wanted to add some comments about this thread.  I had gone through the whole thing from start to finish and tried everything to no avail. But I did not give up. I tried getting the Roli Dashboard to recognize my Live Block HSVC and also tried Noize app on iPhone SEVERAL TIMES. 

I don't know what changed but finally the Noize app (even though previously connected to the Live Block many times) gave me the option to update the firmware. The Live Block goes dark before you even know that the option to update is there. After you choose to update it will give you the option to connect another Block--choose this and reconnect to your Live Block. It will likely take you through the update steps multiple times (I had to do it 3 times). Finally it will tell you that you are up to date.

It will now work with the Noize app and after using the DNA connection to your Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block the Roli Dashboard will see it.

Honestly this is quite a process---hours long---in order to find a solution to the Control Blocks not working as they should because the firmware is too old. I think that Roli should put this in a manual or something that ships with the devices (or at least the mention of the URL that takes you there) so that someone doesn't have to go through so much time to find a solution (I happened along this post but others may not be so lucky to find this) all the while thinking they were shipped a defective device.

Note: any mention above about Midi CC mode beiing on or off will not make any sense to you if Roli Dashboard does not see your Control Block. You need to resurrect your device from the dead using and iPhone or iPad.

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