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Guitar like controler

Hi, Sorry for my bad english. I live in France, and i want to create this topic for bassists, guitarists, maybe cellists or violonists. Playing thoses instruments requires to grip a neck with the thumb under. So i want you all to ask ROLI to create a new instrument for us. I had a ZTAR for few years but the velocity was bad and the instrument very fragile. The yourock guitar is a good toy but is not polyphonic( no multiple notes per string to play complex chords, or voicings and melodies). The linnstrument looks great, but you have to forget all your left hand skills, and re-learn to play a desk. So, i have the idea of a sort of neck, made like the seaboard or lightpad block , a ruber surface where you can press and assign multiple tunings, with at least six rows like a guitar, with 4 or 5D touch and multiples notes per strings or rows. So, join us and share your ideas. We are the market, and we are millions! Cherrs Yann

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Hi Yann,

Thanks for the suggestion. Something similar would be feasible using a few Lightpad Blocks and a little bit of programming. Another creator has made something akin to this but modeled on the cello:

See for more details.


Hi Red and thanks. I saw this vid and it is interesting But the player report bugs when attaching 4 lightpad blocks. So i hope ROLi could make a real continuous surface a size of a neck ( equal to the dimensions of 5 lightpads) and a touch surface similar of a string instrument. We are a tons who want a solid neck and playable. Cheers and thanks for your post. The most active (guitarists or strings instrument players) we should be on this forum Yann
Hi from Belgium Yes i agree, and like a real MPE controler for string base instrument. I think we are numerous wanting to play vstis with expressiveness : velocity on strike or on pressure, vibrato on the x axis, timber or bend on y and slide note on a row. We want two hand tapping with a smooth neck We want the ability to play complex voicings that are impossible with guitar : playing 3 notes in polyphony on the same string, or row. Many professional or amateur would immediately look at this instrument. With best regards Val
Hi Val. I don't know if roli plans to make such an instrument.

I'd be super happy with even a modernized MIDI strummer device, where you can press down chords on a standard MIDI keyboard or even a ROLI controller, then no notes are sounded until you run your fingers across the strummer. No such thing appears to exist in a cohesive and compact form that is ready for mass market! (I.e., Jamstik and Artiphon Instrument 1 require that touching the string plays the notes.)

Bring back the Charlie Lab Digitar for a new age!

I'd buy a Roli MIDI guitar solution. 

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