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MPE-Utility script for Ableton Live

I wrote a MIDI Remote Script which automates the tedious set up process of the midi tracks for Ableton Live. Here's a short demo video:

You'll get the Script (and instructions) from GitHub, try it out if you like!

Some users have verified that the script works (vi-control and Ableton forums), and I use it myself. However, if you encounter any bugs, please inform me so I can fix those :) And all feedback and  suggestions are welcome. There are some ideas listed in the Readme already though.


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Hi Juho,

That script looks good but I have some issues. I'm actually running an Ableton Live 9 Suite version but it looks like the script doesn't work at all... Is it compatible with Ableton live or am I doing something wrong ? I checked a lot of time if it wasn't the configuration of my seaboard but it's exactly the same as told. Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi Nils,

Which is the exact version of your Live 9? The script should work with versions 9.7 and newer.

You may contact me via email (you'll find the address from the readme), I'll need some logs to debug the issue if  it's not version related.


B- CROMA, your issue may be related to another bug I'm working with (slowly though, as my desk is a bit too full ATM).  I could take a loog at your Live's log as well, please send me an email :)



Thanks for your help ! I found the problem by myself ! It was just that I didn't add the MPE_Util on a free control surface chooser. Many thanks for your time and your work

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