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Delay between iOS/Pixel NOISE sound packs?

I'm really disappointed in the massive difference between NOISE on iOS and Android/Pixel.  Mostly because there's absolutely NO easily found information on this being the case.  Everything I've seen in regards to NOISE and their announced packs neglects to mention ANY sort of discrepancy between the two platforms, and it isn't like this is a brand new app - it's been out for over a year. 

I actually bought a Pixel 2 XL specifically to use it with my rise 49 and NOISE.  I needed a new phone regardless, but if I had known there'd be much more support on the Apple side I would have considered switching platforms.

Are there any official statements or a timeline that discloses when the android app can expect updates?  Anything on the SWAM instruments?  I honestly feel like I've been kind of swindled here, and I hate to feel that way because I love my seaboard so far.

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