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More than 3 sounds per project

Love being able to use the button on the side of the seaboard block to scroll through project sounds at a live gig: -acid bass synth for verse -saw for chorus -Sax for solo but could do with more than 3! I don’t use the drums-as we have a ‘real’ drummer, it would be great if I could use that slot for another sound. Below picture is ROLI my dog, he’s soft and squidgy like the seaboard

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Yes! Any instrument for the drum line in Noise!! Not everyone uses drums for bass Line!! Please!

Yes, please.  3 ways to make progress on this:

- the above request re:drums, OR

- ability to just keep creating tracks, say, up to 8, OR

- in the sequencing mode, ability to have a different instrument assigned to same tracks for different clips (counter-intuitive tho)

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