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Block Dashboard For IOS!

I use iOS apps almost exclusively at this point with my Seaboard Blocks and Lightpad Blocks.  A Dashboard for iOS would really help.

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I’m also disappointed to find out that I can’t use non mpe iOS instruments without connecting my seaboard and lightpad to my Mac to change settings in dashboard. This seems like an extremely obvious feature for iOS, and an absolutely necessary one,

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Adding another vote for this feature.  I keep landing on the fence regarding sending my Block M back... I have so much fun playing it, I just want to stop having to fight with the software to do it... 

The block has this nice light interface, why can't we change settings on it directly? This just needs some thought on how the UI would work. Since we clearly write parameters to it from the desktop app, there's certainly something to change.  Something like that would COMPLETELY change this device for me as my biggest struggle is inconsistent settings management across platforms.

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I vote for this feature also. That’s almost unacceptable that you cannot configure a product sold mainly for IOS on IOS!!! I mean what is the difficulty to provide such a feature! From a technical point it is nothing. So it is clearly a will from Roli to not provide it. Really disappointing because the hardware is great...

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Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback in this thread – it's much appreciated. 

While Dashboard for iOS is not on the current roadmap, it is on our list of outstanding priorities. We'll be sure to update you with more details once we have further information to share.

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Do you have an API for doing this? If so, we could write our own :)

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Yes! That is a must have! (Alternative: Proper Auv Support for Noise: Devices work inside as in Noise App

Thanks for the advices

As much as I'd like a full ROLI Dashboard for iOS, the BIG thing I need to be able to do on mobile is switch between MPE and single channel MIDI. 

Sometimes I want to use Noise with full 5D touch, but other sampling engines need the single channel MIDI (unless I can figure out a workaround).

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Yep, it could start out really small, by just allowing to switch Seaboards and Lightpads between full MPE and Single Channel mode plus buttons to switch off Glide (so we can use an alternative to send pitch bend, without having interfering messages from the Block) and slide (to avoid that synths which understand CC74 as filter cutoff frequency by default get constant conflicting messages). That would already go a very long way. Single channel mode is sprinkled with issues, btw. On PC I use a Lightpad app which fakes a pitch wheel and it’s very cool for non-MPE instruments, but even with glide tracking entirely switched off I still need to filter out pitch bend reset messages from the Seaboard Blocks which are being sent with every note-on. Same applies to slide. I have support tickets where they confirm these and other single-channel issues, dating back to February 2018:( As said, I can work around the issues on PC, but I can’t use that cool non-MPE setup at all on IOS, which is very sad, because I’d have the perfect travelling setup right there, if it only worked.

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I agree completely with the above.  I use midi filtering on my iCM4+ interface to filter out the CC74 message and am a bit dissappointed it's such a hassle to switch from MPE to regular midi. I really like my Seaboard Block keyboard and would happily invest in a MkII if it had these features added.

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Looks like a third party has taken a crack at this: Block Dashboard by Christophe Tornieri I haven't tried it yet.

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Hi, I have developed and release an iOS version of the block dashboard. It is available on the AppStore. Block Dashboard by Christophe Tornieri

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I found this dashboard app by accident last night and have been trying it out. By god, it works! There is a good deal that you can do in the app. It’s not as feature rich as full dashboard on Mac, but the basics are covered and work well. Cheers!

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Thanks to this forum I got the message about Tornieri´s 3rd Party-Dashboard.

First look at it yesterday: It seems to work (at last with my Blocks WLIN (M)). When I find the time I might write another commentary.

For the Pad Block to be able to switch thru different Block Modes (they go from 1 to 5 blocks grid) you first have to click on "Load Default Program". (Otherwise its in the mode you uploaded from PC/Mac and it wont switch Blocks via Tornieri´s App).

Of course you can not upload the Roli-Programs to the Blocks Pad as you can from PC-Dashboard, but there´s no need for them on IOS!

From first look:

Everything one needs! Midi Config, MPE/Multi/Single Channel switching, 5D Parameter Control, Performance-Control (Chords, Scale, Blocks, Glide) and more.

So: First look: Thanks a lot, it looks great!!

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Huge props to Christophe Tornieri for his iOS dashboard app. Works exactly as I hoped! Having to chose between running the seaboard in mpe or non mpe mode prior to using it with iOS had been a massive party stopper for me: the majority of the iOS synths I love don’t play nice with mpe (and few of them support the seaboard’s normal pitch bend range). So using it with iOS had always meant giving up on mpe, or giving up on the majority of my iOS synths. iOS dashboard is the perfect cure!

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