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Favourites and user definable tags in Equator's browser

Patch browsing in Equator could benefit from more tagging features. I'd like to add my own tags to the existing ones and to be able to rate the patches with something like a five-star favourite system. 


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Where are the favourites???? I am not using equator simply because it is not easy to remember the names of the patches I like the most.

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Here here!  

There is a way to mark favorites with NOISE, but not with the desktop Equator app. 

Similarly, I can mark favorites in STROBE 2, but not Equator.

 This seems like a SERIOUS GAP in functionality that should have been addressed already!  

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This is very important feature for all VSTs that have hundreds of presets.

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Not quite the same thing, but don't forget you can of course make playlists of favourites and other groupings you'd otherwise manage with user-defined tags.
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