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Hardware Synth: Equator Block

Been dreaming about this before hearing from Kai Drange’s Axoloti-based MPE synth: ROLI could radically change the expressive MIDI scene by releasing some kind of portable, battery-powered, Bluetooth-enabled, MPE-focused hardware synth. In other words, a ROLI Block version of the beloved Equator synth. It’d connect directly to controller Blocks (LIghtpad/Seaboard) through DNA connectors without requiring any pairing or any external device. There’d be an audio jack and possibly a couple of knobs. A small display wouldn’t be out of the question, at least to browse patches, but the idea is that we don’t need to look at a screen while we play. USB input would make it useful with other devices. The ability to transfer patches from the desktop version of Equator would be appreciated. Performances and jam sessions with ROLI devices would greatly increase in number. Musicians would appreciate a much better User Experience than carrying a laptop to a gig just to get some sounds out of their Seaboard or Lightpad Blocks. The new Songmaker kit could include the Equator Block. Instead of an ad for Apple’s iOS devices, ROLI musicking could be its own thing.

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I like the idea but this could be streamlined further by having the synth element in a block like the touch, loop or live block meaning that could be attached to existing lightpad m or seaboard blocks.

Hell this could be expanded to a full range of synth blocks possibly under licence from other manufacturers !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!!?!

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misunderstood you originally Alex Enkerli you were requesting exactly the same as what I enthusiastically repeated less eloquently

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what do you say ROLI pay Kai Drange a bucket load of cash for his work and retool as a proper block

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If ROLI were to hire Kai Drange, the company could unleash a whole new world of creativity.

Mark Harris would also get my vote.

In fact, while thinking of a “dream team” in expressive instruments, Geert Bevin’s name resonates broadly. Though poaching from Moog might sound a bit strange, there have been weirder things in the world.

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