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Sample support in Equator

I'd like to start using my seaboard and equator for sound design, but would require the ability to custom import my own samples.

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The ability to easily load my wav files into Equator would be incredibly useful.  I am touring with my ROLI and having to trigger samples from ProTools or an iPad app which could easily be played by the ROLI.  I've had no luck getting the SFZ method to work.  PLEASE make this a priority!


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I'm glad to hear that this is useful, and we do want to make sample import in Equator easier to do. 

We certainly want to continue strengthening community engagement. In addition to this forum we just introduced the "Share your ROLI setups" forum, and we'll add more forums over the comings days.

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Very interesting! Much of the explanation is about creating the .sfz file, which presumably isn’t necessary when you already have SFZ soundfonts (say, from a sample library). Otherwise, the instructions make it sound like it’s just a matter of putting the soundfont folder in the right place (`Documents/ROLI/Equator for RISE/Samples`, which is visible, unlike library folders).

While it’d be nice to have an even easier method, this really doesn’t sound too difficult, assuming you do have soundfonts in SFZ format (same as Sforzando/ARIA).

Tried it with a couple of SFZ soundfonts lying around my computer and got the exclamation mark indicating a problem. But at least Equator does find these files. There’s an instance where it says it “downloads” those samples. This hasn’t worked either, but it’s also intriguing.

So there‘s hope!

By the way, Red, really nice job with this forum and with user “creator” feedback. Dunno if ROLI changed your role, recently, but you’ve been upping the company’s community engagement game over the past few days.

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Yes, this does help. Without this comment, a cynic (i.e., a Redditor) would say that ROLI took away the feature to restrict what musicians, users, creators could do. Very nice to realize that there’s an internal roadmap for this.

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Hi there Frank,

Thanks for bringing that up! Indeed, while technically it is possible for creators to import samples into Equator (and the directions for doing so in the version of the manual you linked to are still valid), this process requires quite a bit of technical know-how and is not particularly creator-friendly. If you're feeling intrepid, please feel free to go through the process described in the manual appendix to import your own samples. (Note that we aren't able to provide support on it.)

We do want to make this more creator-friendly in the future, though, so please feel free to share this feature request if you'd like to see more votes for it!

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions.


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Actually I found reviews indicating that it's possible to import SFZ sample packs into Equator, eg this one that is pretty current (Jan 2018):
Via a reddit page I even found an Equator manual with an appendix that explains the procedure of creating and importing such an SFZ  file. Weird enough, the original reddit link to that manual is dead, but an alternative link was posted:
The appendix is (no surprise) at the very bottom of the document.

Seems like Roli pulled this feature for whatever reason, which is sad, but here is hoping that it will be re-added.
My attempts to import an SFZ anyway failed so far.


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This could make Equator reach a whole new level, even if it doesn’t become a full-featured sampler.

Great minds think alike! ;-)

(The forum software didn’t catch the fact that we were making the same request. Guess we can’t rely on this to avoid duplicates.)

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