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Sample support in Equator

I'd like to start using my seaboard and equator for sound design, but would require the ability to custom import my own samples.

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I was able to load up a handful of free instruments off the net today and I have to say that this is a really great feature for this already great synth.  Being able to throw new samples into a patch opens up a tremendous amount of sonic possibilities.   I understand ROLI support doesn't want to deal with having to help people with this, but it is too bad that more people don't know about it.  If we had a unified user base all legally sharing sfz instruments that are formatted  properly, that would be a pretty amazing thing.

One thing that would be really nice if ROLI is still considering working on this functionality, would be if Equator could work with sfz files that list notes by pitch (ex. C#2) in addition to MIDI number  (ex. 37) which looks to currently be the only acceptable format.  There are quite a few instruments I found that provide sfz files with the pitch format only.  With some of the higher quality instruments the time it would take to get all of the pitches converted to numbers is not insignificant.  I decided to skip them for now and may take it on as a project later  but honestly I would rather spend time creating music.

I have 2 x Roli seaboard blocks arriving next week and keen to get my own sampled sounds into equator. I have not created .sfz files before so I am sure there will be some head scratching. Would love a quicker sample import feature to be implemented.

Another vote  for this feature.  Please and thank you.

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Had some old melatron samples kicking around so knocked up a quick sfz file (with a python script because they were all named C#4.wav D4.wav etc), and it all worked so I have 5 new samples. Thanks for this feature, and just to reasure people that it does work 

This is biggest thing keeping me from using my Roli products on EVERY score and commercial piece that comes through my studio. You know I love you guys. I cannot say enough good things about the company and staff. All that said, a dedicated sampler, especially something similar to IRIS 2 would blow Roli up! To have the multi-control and custom sound manipulation with my Seaboard... this would be my go-to setup for scoring and high-end sound design. Keep us posted!! :)

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+1000 for this feature.

+1000000 / Importing samples is essential and will open an infinite sound design capabilities...

Please add Sample Support.

There are not many sampler engines that offer complete MPE support. (Logic EXS24 gui does not scale well with 4k screens).

As Mentioned I tried using SFZ files, how that feature seems to have been crippled.

It finds the SFZ file fine and that even shows up in the menus but does not load the actual wav file and also breaks all other presets unless I remove the SFZ file and the samples from equator.

Has anyone got this working with the latest Equator?

Problem does not seem to be in the SFZ file itself as even the simplest SFZ file fails.

It still works , at least on WIndows 10. Can't test the Mac version.

Check whether the SFZ files you test use note numbers (f.e.: 37) or note names (f.e.: c#2) to assign samples to keys. Equator fails miserably when attempting to load SFZ with note names, in a way that sounds much like the issues you describe.

It can be very tedious to translate all note names into numbers when the SFZ is dealing with lots of assignments, but it's currently the only workaround.

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I'll give it a try on windows VM then.

SFZ format is not a problem for me. I can write a script to convert note-names to numbers.

Checked the Mac version last night where I am using several melatron SFZ imports and they still work fine. As said, the SFZ is quite fussy in the format but it does work.

Strangely I cannot get it working in either windows or mac.

If anyone could share a small sample sfz file that they have working with equator, I could perhaps decipher whats going wrong.

Here is one (that I am actually using) attached. It is very simple, one sample per note apart from the top and bottom ones - basically:

<region> sample=G2.wav pitch_keycenter=43 lokey=0 hikey=43

<region> sample=G#2.wav key=44

<region> sample=A2.wav key=45

<region> sample=A#2.wav key=46

... all the rest of the notes

<region> sample=D#5.wav key=75

<region> sample=E5.wav key=76

<region> sample=F5.wav pitch_keycenter=77 lokey=77 hikey=127

All the wav files are in the same folder as the sfz,


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My reply never turned up here - maybe because I attached a file or it didn't like the tags. Anyway, my SFZ file is really basic:

<region> sample=G2.wav pitch_keycenter=43 lokey=0 hikey=43

<region> sample=G#2.wav key=44

<region> sample=A2.wav key=45

... the rest of the samples

<region> sample=E5.wav key=76

<region> sample=F5.wav pitch_keycenter=77 lokey=77 hikey=127

Everything in the same directory

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Thx Woody,

Got it working. It comes with that warning/error  triangle symbol and that's what threw me off when I was working on my own samples.

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